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artist website

Graphic of computer with artist's website designed by DH Solutions

advanced wix website design

Father and daughter painters were unhappy with their Wordpress site, which was very slow to load (see video in gallery) and had formatting issues on most pages. The Wordpress site also devoted very little space to the artwork, instead giving more than 1/3 of each page to oddly formatted blog posts.

The new site's content is centered on the artwork and the artist's process. The color palette was selected by the client.

This site took around 1 year to complete. It features their entire catalog of artwork - 170 different paintings made over a 40 year period.

One challenge was the artists wanted each artwork detail page to include cropped sections of the main artwork, so visitors could see the detail. They provided high resolution images of the main artwork and the cropped sections. I had to create a version of the main artwork with a brightly colored square showing where the cropped image came from. The system of creating the full image with crop mark was like piecing together a 1,000 piece puzzle because these paintings are so complex.

Another challenge was making sure each artwork detail page had all the necessary details, such as which artist created it, the year, the location, the season, the type of environment, the subject matter, the size, and if it was sold or available for purchase. I created a Wix CMS database to store all the details, which allowed us to had a search/filter function on the artwork catalog pages.


Transfer from Wordpress, Wix CMS, Wix Stores, Wix Galleries, Wix Forms

design elements

extensive photo editing, fonts, color palette chosen with artists

interactive elements

Art catalog has option to filter by multiple categories, Zoom for Detail

writing + editing

edited existing content, re-wrote artist bios, wrote new content 


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