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Clients & Testimonials


Those nice things people have said about me.
"Alexis always shows up when it matters the most."​
Rowan Wolverton
Rowantree Wellness
"I have been facing a transition of going from being an employee for almost 20 years to the possibility of purchasing the very business for which I have been working. Alexis has helped me clarify who I want to be as an owner. It is difficult to move from a support role and she has helped me change my thinking about myself so that I don’t treat myself as if I am my own assistant.  
During this process, Alexis has listened to my fear and the jumbled thoughts without judgement. I have been guided by her to bring these thoughts into a coherent and actionable plan; not just for the business, but for me; in a variety of areas of my life.  I know once the transition is complete, Alexis will be there to guide me in how to best serve my clients as a business owner and help to put systems in place so I can run the business as mine.
Hands down, the most valuable piece of her process is Alexis’ ability to guide, but never impose herself over her client’s needs."

Mona Malec
Financial Advisor
"You're a ninja at what you do and anyone would be really fortunate to bring you onto their team."
Ceci Ervin
Santa Fe Farmers Market, Marketing Manager
Deer Photo by Scott Carroll on Unsplash.

"Alexis was an incredible asset to our team. Eloquent, problem-solving, innovative, and compassionate. She brought organization and insights that took our project to the next level.


She is a catalyst for positive change.

Jill Sutherland
Circle of Doors Tarot Project, artist
CIRCLE-OF-DOORS-TAROT-circleofdoorstarot-•-Instagram-photos-and-videos (1)_edited.jpg

"Alexis has given me more with this expansion than my vision.  She’s given me the chance to expound on why I do what I do and how I can grow to heights I’d never before totally imagined possible.  Alexis is gifted at helping small business owners authentically communicate their “why,” their dreams, goals and aspirations.  Within the first days of our working together, Alexis began to share with me the insights she had about what gifts I bring to my business and how to stand even stronger within my passion and dedication to my work.  Out of that level of clarity and authenticity comes focus and direction, magic and manifestation, peace and enjoyment; all within the comfort of knowing that my dreams have a treasure map to follow straight to all my highest wishes, goals and financial targets. 
With Alexis at my side, I am more comfortable than ever - knowing I’ve got someone on my team who will guide me through the woods where sometimes unexpected challenges arise and also surprising joys and ownership experiences.  Because of Alexis, my business is taking entirely new shape and my vision is more clear than ever.  I’m less overwhelmed by the details and minutia that goes into growing into a full-fledged practice. I have only started my journey of expansion and growth of my clinic with Alexis and the results are already clear and measurable.  Her work is refining the optics of my business both online and in-person.  I’m more confident than ever when I talk to people about what I do and that I’m a business owner.  I rest easy knowing that I’ve found the best business consultant I could have ever hoped for.  
If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and get out of feeling stuck or unclear about how to move forward, Deer Heart Consulting is the answer you’ve been waiting for."

Pete Gurule (d)
Resonance Massage & Bodywork, owner
"I've worked with Alexis Brown over the past several years. She has a keen sense of effective and dynamic Marketing and Public Relations. Alexis has helped me on a recent photo exhibit, has contributed profound insights and a wonderful analysis of the work, and helped me formulate my own thoughts on a book project of some of my more controversial work. She is a gifted writer and thinker.
I highly recommend her as a consultant and marketing guru."
Daniel Quat
Daniel Quat Photography
Daniel Quat Photography.jpeg
"Working with Deer Heart Consulting gave me the insight and direction I needed in starting my business. Alexis encouraged me to think “big picture” and helped me identify and hone the tools I needed to create a sustainable creative profession.
Alexis has the passion and the experience to help you create goals and work towards the benchmarks without losing sight of the original intent. Through long-term goals to practical assistance with the many facets of creating an independent business, Deer Heart Consulting has been integral to my successful creative business venture.
I sleep easier knowing I have her support."
Juan Suarez
Juan Suarez_edited.jpg
"Alexis Brown is a PR magician. Once she took over our press and promotional duties, our profile, and recognition as an arts organization increased tenfold. We began to get much more national and international press and acknowledgment. She is a wordsmith and a research machine. She discovered leading organizations and publications, seduced them with her beautifully written press releases, and the accolades began to flow. Alexis is a unique asset to all who work with her."
Carlos Sanistevan
Director, High Mayhem Emerging Arts
Santa Fe - Albuquerque - Taos
& Across the United States
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