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Start by learning a little about me + my experience or skip ahead for an overview of my approach to designing + building Wix websites.


I am a creative strategist with a 25-year career in communications, business development, writing, systems efficiency, and communications.

I have worked with nonprofits of all sizes, artists and arts organizations, start ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. I live in New Mexico and my clients are located across the U.S. and Canada.
About Me
New Mexico has definitely influenced my design aesthetic. I like using color to help my websites stand out. But - my portfolio will show you that this means something different for every site I work on.

If you're curious what my business name means, I'm an enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. I was given the name Issi Chunkash, which means Deer Heart. And, a core tenet of my work is identifying issues, setting goals + finding solutions.
If you'd like to learn more about me + my experience, skills, + qualifications, head over to the About page on the consulting side.

Or - keep scrolling for a simple overview of my approach. 

my approach

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Developing an effective strategy begins with learning about you and your goals.
What are your goals?
Who is your audience?
What do you want people to do when they visit your website?
What customer need does your business address?

form + function

Next, we set the foundation by deciding the general aesthetic + the essential functions.
What tools will help us achieve our goal?
What is the best way to write our message?
This is when I start to think about the psychology of fonts and the psychology of color.


Once we have that basic foundation, it's time to create the framework of the website.
How is the content going to be organized?
What info goes on each page?
How do we want visitors to interact with the site?


With the foundation set + the basic build underway, it's time to decide how to dress it up.
How will the design be used to help communicate the written message?
How will we display all the pieces so the visitor is guided into the action we want them to take?
Don't forget to factor in what visitors will be hoping to achieve.

review + refine

The website is not finished until multiple people review it multiple times.
How does everything look + feel?
What needs to be adjusted? 
What needs to be cut?
Is anything missing?
Ask a few folks to check it out. Make sure they are people whose opinion you trust and who will give detailed, honest feedback. Less "it looks great!" and more "It was easy to find blah blah" or "the wording here felt awkward" or "the links on this page did not work."
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Head over to my portfolio to see examples of Wix websites designed by DHSolutions. 
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