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nonprofit program one-sheets

business development and business writing of fundraising infographics


When I first starting with this nonprofit, the vital information about each program was not in one single document or resource. The information had to be sought out anytime there was a new employee, board member, or volunteer and when writing grant applications and reports. It was not only inefficient, it showed there was no clear and direct oversight of budget and program effectiveness.

I created a one-page overview of the organization and each program. When possible, these documents included:

  • testimonials

  • a description on the issue addressed by the program

  • statistics relating to the issue

  • a description of how the program worked

  • measurable change because of the program

  • program partners

  • budget

  • examples of how a donation would impact the program and those who benefited from it

examples of use + results

Because of the large amount of text and data, these were not intended for distribution to the public. I hired a graphic designer so the large amount of information would be organized and easy to follow.

These documents improved efficiency and increased effectiveness of staff and board communications. Specifically, these documents:

  • Reduced the time + effort needed to on-boarding new staff, volunteers + board members

  • Provided a means for distributing common language

  • Documented tracking of Key Performance Indicators

  • Helped board + staff prepare for donor meetings

    • The only time these documents would be shared was if a donor requested it

  • Reduced time needed for writing grant applications + reports

  • Helped with budget + program evaluation + planning


wrote all content


design concept, oversight of graphic designer, editor

research / planning

Relevant stastics, Outcomes + Impact

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