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Business in the time of COVID-19

We are in strange and turbulent times. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on small businesses and their employees. We're facing a harsh reality. Unemployment is the highest since the Great Depression nearly 90 years ago. In early March, there were less than half a million people filing for unemployment. By mid April, the Labor Department reported 10 million people filing for unemployment in a 2 week period. The highest number in a single week was 6.6 million in late March. Oxford Economics anticipates this will rise to 20 million in the coming weeks we will experience a permanent loss of output for the global economy.

Whenever I'm involved with strategic planning, one of the first things I ask for is an honest and frank discussion about the issues. Facing the painful truths of a situation isn't easy, but it's vital if a strategic plan will have any chance at success. We can't overcome an obstacle if we're afraid to talk about it.

The majority of us are experiencing grief, anxiety, and fear over the impact COVID-19 will have on our financial future. The idea of investing in the future seems far-fetched. But, the truth is now is the best time to look forward and invest in ourselves. ​Another thing I include in strategic planning is helping my clients learn to seek out the silver lining. It's awkward and painful to do during such extreme circumstances. But, if you learn to do it now then the way you approach any issue will forever change. It requires a shift in perspective to seek out what positives could arise from struggle. It prevents stagnation. It inspires a sense of hope. It motivates you to leap into action. Never before have you had time like this to focus on the backbone of your business. Instead of using your time in isolation to binge watch Netflix or rearrange your living room ten times, we can work together to reshape your business so it survives this pandemic and thrives when we're beyond it. 

refine your mission re-envision your delivery model update your branding & marketing evaluate the issues & develop solutions create "passive" income streams

Money is tight. It's true for me as it is for so many of us. But this is not a mere sales pitch. I need to survive but I am also dedicated to helping my community survive. I'm all about creative solutions and mutual aidSo, don't let money fears keep you from reaching out. We are in this together and we will find a way to make it work.


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