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Services + Rates

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New Mexico's economy has been built from the hard work of small business owners like you. Nearly 96% of businesses here are small businesses. And a significant percentage of these were self-funded or lacked access to loans.

Support and guidance in business should not be limiting due to price. My rates are affordable and currently they're sliding-scale as we navigate the insanity of the pandemic.

Project Based 
Flat Rate

Rates vary based on the scope of work and timeline of the project. In some cases I can charge an hourly rate, which can rnage from $25/hour to $150/hour. I provide a quote after a video or phone chat.

On-Going Support
Hourly or Retainer

If the scope of work necessitates regular check-ins, being on-call, and/or 2 or more months lf consistent involvement, I may require a retainer paid at the start of each month.

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