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Services + Rates

Scroll to see examples of some of the business development and writing services I offer, or select a topic to jump to that section. Please note that I do not provide marketing services unless it is a part of an over-arching business plan we develop.

All contracts require a detailed RFP or a phone discussion to hash out the scope of work.

DH Solutions Business Consultant and Writer branding graphic of forest lake and deer

business development

business development

mission, vision, values + goals

​Not ready to work on a full business plan? Start with these foundational pieces.

  • Find clarity in mission and vision

  • Articulate the values that drive your approach

  • Develop goals for your business which are aligned with your personal goals and aspirations

  • Write compelling and authentic messaging 

equity + social good

I will help you learn how to ensure your business activities are contributing to social good and are equitable and accessible. If you are looking for support in making a significant shift in your business' culture, I highly recommend you work with Prospera Partners.

risk + opportunity assessment

  • Determine the organization's resources and capacity

  • Identify weaknesses and challenges & develop solutions

    • Can include help with identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs that have contributed to challenges.

  • Identify your strengths and potential opportunities

    • Develop strategies to capitalize on those

DH Solutions Business Consultant and Writer branding graphic of forest lake and deer

business development writing

business development writing

articles of organization + bylaws

My support with writing articles of organization or bylaws will help you save money by reducing the work your attorney will need to do. (though these documents should not be submitted without an attorney's review.)

business plans

  • For start-ups and organizations that have experienced significant change.

  • My support can include:

    • Developing or refining Mission, Vision & Values 

    • Market research (on industry, competitors, and target audience)

    • Risk and opportunity assessment

    • Budget development

    • Marketing and Sales Strategies

strategic plans

  • For well-established businesses and nonprofit organizations.

  • The process should include engagement and participation of board members and staff

  • My support can include:

    • Risk & opportunity assessment

    • Facilitation of group discussions

    • SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals, objectives, and benchmarks)

    • Action plans with specific tasks needed to achieve the primary objective or key performance indicators

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business document writing + systems improvements

business document writing

contracts + agreements

Should be reviewed by an attorney prior to use.

employee training manuals

good manufacturing practices

internal communications systems

standard operating procedures + process documentation


Toolkits help translate theory into practice. A toolkit is a collection of curated resources that provides practical advice, guidance, and information that help the audience learn about a particular issue and identify approaches for addressing them. 

business planning testimonial

"Alexis has given me more with this expansion than my vision.  She’s given me the chance to expound on why I do what I do and how I can grow to heights I’d never before imagined possible.  Alexis is gifted at helping small business owners authentically communicate their “why,” their dreams, goals and aspirations.  Within the first days of our working together, Alexis began to share with me the insights she had about what gifts I bring to my business and how to stand even stronger within my passion and dedication to my work.  Out of that level of clarity and authenticity comes focus and direction, magic and manifestation, peace and enjoyment; all within the comfort of knowing that my dreams have a treasure map to follow straight to all my highest wishes, goals and financial targets. 
With Alexis at my side, I am more comfortable than ever - knowing I’ve got someone on my team who will guide me through the woods where sometimes unexpected challenges arise and also surprising joys and ownership experiences.  Because of Alexis, my business is taking entirely new shape and my vision is more clear than ever.  I’m less overwhelmed by the details and minutia that goes into growing into a full-fledged practice. I have only started my journey of expansion and growth of my clinic with Alexis and the results are already clear and measurable.  Her work is refining the optics of my business both online and in-person.  I’m more confident than ever when I talk to people about what I do and that I’m a business owner.  I rest easy knowing that I’ve found the best business consultant I could have ever hoped for.  
If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and get out of feeling stuck or unclear about how to move forward, Deer Heart Consulting is the answer you’ve been waiting for."

Pete Gurule (d)
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Pete Gurule
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DH Solutions Business Consultant and Writer branding graphic of forest lake and deer

rates for service

rates fo service

New Mexico's economy has been built from the hard work of small business owners like you. Nearly 96% of businesses here are small businesses. And a significant percentage of these were self-funded or lacked access to loans.

Support and guidance in business should not be limiting due to price and so I my rates are accessible. I am also willing to create a payment schedule that works for you.

project based

Flat Rate

Rates vary based on the scope of work and timeline of the project. In some cases I can charge an hourly rate, which can range from $25/hour to $150/hour. I provide a quote after we have a video or phone chat.

on-going support

Hourly or Retainer

If the scope of work necessitates regular check-ins, being on-call, and/or 3 or more months of consistent involvement, I may require a retainer paid at the start of each month. In certain circumstances, I am able to charge an hourly rate.

DH Solutions Business Consultant and Writer branding graphic of forest lake
Read examples of business plans, technical writing, content writing, and more written by DH Solutions.
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