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beauty eCommerce website

Graphic of computer with eCommerce website designed by DH Solutions

advanced wix website design

This is a website I designed for another business I own - a natural health and beauty eCommerce website. I include this site as an example to show the brand-aligned holiday marketing.

I created the branding elements and did all of the graphic design, web design, and photography. The color palette is the same as used for DH Solutions Wix Website Designs and DH Solutions Business Consulting, but each business uses the color palette in different ways.

This website uses the Wix Store with multiple payment options. I originally used Wix CMS to build custom pages about the products and to give site visitors a way to search for products based on their skin type, hair type, or the condition they want to address. To simplify the site and improve SEO, I converted the product CMS to blog posts and added collections to the product listings thaI allowed me to create a filter on the shop pages so people can search for products that best suit their hair and skin type and condition.

Because I wasn't happy with the icons I was finding online for skin type, hair type, and various conditions, I decided to create my own.


Wix Forms, Wix Store, Wix Bookings, Wix CMS, Wix Blog, Wix Subscriptions, container menu

design elements

design concept, branding, logo, product graphics, website graphics, icons, photography, photo editing, scroll effects, animations

interactive elements

hover boxes, scroll effects, filter store products by collection, custom filter by customer need

writing + editing

wrote all content


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