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counseling center website

Graphic of computer with screenshot of website designed by DHSolutions

advanced wix website design

This client initially wanted to just add Wix Events but it grew to a site redesign. The name of the business means butterfly in Spanish, so I did extensive research to find high resolution commercial use photos of butterflies known to live in their state. This counseling center also does Psilosybin treatments and trainings, so I searched far and wide to find photos that matched their clinical environment rather than a head shop.

Adding Wix events required some finesse because they do not take online payments, they have events for both clients and practitioners, and these events take place in multiple states.


Wix Forms, Wix CMS, Wix Events, automated emails

design elements

photo libary, photo editing, photo isolation, incorporated existing brand color palette, updated brand fonts

interactive elements

Wix Events

writing + editing

wrote content for automated emails & events, updated site content

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