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group training subdomain

Graphic of computer with land acknowledgment toolkit website subdomain designed by DH Solutions

advanced wix website design

This is an online toolkit that I wrote, designed, and added to the existing website of the New Mexico Alliance of Health Councils and the New Mexico Department of Health. It is a curated collection of resources and tools as well as trainings and discussion points and questions to help guide group discussion. (The Land Acknowledgment Guide can be seen in my Writing Portfolio.)

Each page corresponds to a section of the Land Acknowledgment Guide and includes a massive amount of content. I created a graphic that references (but does not duplicate) designs from several Pueblos. This graphic helps dillineate the different sections on the page. I kept the typeface and color palette from the client's primary website for branding consistency, and I used the colors as tools to help site visitors navigate the toolkit with more ease.


Accordian text box (coding), Wix CMS, Wix Pro Galleries

design elements

graphic design, commercial use photos, photo editing, brand integration (fonts, color palette), UX website design

interactive elements

UX design for individuals + groups, Resource list, Interactive timeline

writing + editing

wrote all content


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