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massage therapist website

Graphic of computer with massage therapist website designed by DH Solutions

classic wix website design

This was the first Wix website I built. My client went from a very basic site that had not been updated since it was created 5 years prior. It was part of a Business Development and Branding project, which included logo design, writing a business plan, streamlining systems, and more.

I used the original site's idea of rippling water as the new site theme and expanded the site so it included pages for the business philosophy, staff bios, treatment descriptions (including the benefits of each), subscription payment plans, online booking, a page with bios on their community partners, a blog, and more.

The logo design uses a visual representation of a song's sound wave - metaphorically mirroring the idea of rippling water while also giving a nod to the massage therapist's business philosophy and second job as a DJ.


Wix Forms, Wix Services, Wix Subscriptions, Wix Bookings, Wix Blog

design elements

logo design concept, commercial use photos, photo editing, notecards + other print media

interactive elements

Wix Bookings

writing + editing

wrote all content


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