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wealth management website

Graphic of computer with wealth management website designed by DH Solutions

classic wix website design

The client originally contacted me to create staff pages and the project grew into a full site redesign with quick turnaround time. I only did the design and build because the content was written by a collaborator.

The old site used black and white photos that were seemingly unrelated to the business and had a dull brown undertone. The client's business is located in Pittsburgh, so I found commercial-use abstract photographs of skyscrapers and other business buildings located in downtown Pittsburgh. A different photo is used on each page. The client requested a single color for the site, so all of the photos were converted to black and white with a blue overlay.

I used multiple font variations of a single san serif typeface. One challenge was that I could not deviate from the written content that was provided. To prevent it from looking too wordy, I used design to break up the written content as well as to highlight the sections that were the most important for viewers to read.

The client requested the site design by simple, so special elements were restricted to scrolling effects.


Wix CMS, Wix Blog, Wix Forms, Scroll effects

design elements

photo library, photo editing, fonts, color palette, icons

interactive elements

Call to Action every page

writing + editing



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