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wealth management website

Graphic of computer with screenshot of website designed by DHSolutions

classic wix website design

This website was a redesign with quick turnaround time. The content was written by a collaborator. The old site used black and white photos that were seemingly unrleated to the business and had a dull brown undertone. I found commercial-use abstract photographs of skyscrapers and business buildings in the clients city then turned them into black and white images that were more vibrant. I used multiple font variations of a single san serif typeface and kept the color palette minimal. There was a significant amount of text for each page and had to find ways to make the most important information stand out.


Wix CMS, Wix Blog, Wix Forms, Scroll effects, Hover boxes

design elements

photo library, photo editing, fonts, color palette

interactive elements

Call to Action every page

writing + editing


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