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project transformation

A colleague came up with the idea of creating a booklet of activities to give kids who attend the farmer's market. The original concept was made using clip art and activities found on-line. My colleague left the organization before the projet was completed. Spencer Olsen of Meow Wolf appeared, requesting to volunteer, so the project was re-born.

I started by creating a list of farming and nutrition terms for each letter of the alphabet. Then I found or created an activity for each word, with activities appropriate for different aged youth. The artwork was hand-drawn by Spencer.

Several volumes were planned, but sadly, only one was completed. It's awesome, though. You can download a high resolution PDF below. It prints on 8.5 X 11 paper.

Farmers Market Kids Activity Book written by Alexis Brown art by Spencer Olsen-2019
Download PDF • 6.35MB


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art + design by Spencer Olsen (Meow Wolf)

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