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bookstore business plan

business development + business writing of full business plan


I was subcontracted to write a full-length business plan for a start-up business in 2022. This included doing all of the research on the industry, target audience, competition, location/neighborhood, marketing details, and potential partners. I also did all of the research for and created the draft budgets and financial statements, ensuring they included accurate and realistic projections. The financials had extensive detail, such as calculations for each prospective employee's wage witholding taxes, unemployment taxes, the actual costs for marketing and advertising efforts, etc.

I also created several graphics to help tell the business' story and include relevant statistics.


This business plan helped the client secure significant funding and was able to launch their business during the pandemic with a strong plan for the next three years. The client's accountant said the budgets I created were the best start-up budgets she had seen. Two year's later, this business is doing very well, with a growing customer base. They were awared a "Best Of" award in 2023.

I have redacted the name of the business, partnering businesses, and any major identifiers.


wrote all content


graphics inserted into plan

research / planning

industry, customers, competition + budget


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