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nonprofit board bylaws

nonprofit business writing of bylaws


A nonprofit Board of Directors wanted to modernize and simplify the board structure, making it easier to engage all members despite restrictions on time. The restructuring included revising the organization's Bylaws. This portfolio example shows the updated language to the several sections of the Bylaws (prior to review by an attorney.) (see Section 9: Committees)

I did extensive research on "new" ideas for nonprofit board structure, including contacting several nonprofit Executive Directors from around the country to learn about their process and the effectiveness of their changes.

I also wrote the Bylaws revision, with support from several board members.


The board ditched the traditional committee makeup. The new structure included the Executive Committe, the Internal Affairs Commitee (handling things such as budget, program changes, oversight of the Executive Director, etc), and the External Affairs Committee (handling thungs such as fundraising, marketing, networking, events, etc). This reduced the number of committees each member needed to sit on, streamlined communication among the committess, and removed duplication of work. It also made it much easier for the organization to recruit new board members.


updated existing content


font and formatting

research / planning

contacted nonprofits across the U.S. about their process; requirements & regulations; examples of similar restructuring efforts


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