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When Client Reviews Go Right

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I last spoke about the importance of customer reviews. I followed my own advice and requested a review from a former client, Pete at Resonance Massage & Bodywork. Reviews are helpful in so many ways, like providing valuable feedback and being the catalyst to secure new customers. But sometimes they do a lot more. They can motivate and encourage your or validate your experience or just make you feel seen and appreciated. There's times they give you the kind word you desperately need in order to keep moving forward. Pete's review of my work truly touched me and so I share it here in its entirety.


"As a small business owner of 12 years, I’d done well enough passing out business cards and getting referrals through word of mouth for my massage practice. I had left a very comfortable and well paying job of 14 years in State Government and I worked hard to get my business to the point where I could pay all the bills each month. After 12 years with my practice, I decided it was time to scale up and expand into an actual clinic. This would hopefully afford me a chance to generate passive income by hiring staff of equal or greater skill to do what I do.

Little did I know there’s much more to growing a business than just hiring staff and putting people to work. In fact, the machinations of scaling up a business, even a simple massage practice, are quite numerous and varied and largely out of anyone’s general knowledge base if they haven’t gotten a college-level business and economics education. In order to make a business really grow, it takes having all the right pieces of the engine exactly where they go in order to make the dream travel far and wide.

Alexis has given me more with this expansion than my vision. She’s given me the chance to expound on why I do what I do and how I can grow to heights I’d never before totally imagined possible. Alexis is gifted at helping small business owners authentically communicate their “why,” their dreams, goals and aspirations. Within the first days of our working together, Alexis began to share with me the insights she had about what gifts I bring to my business and how to stand even stronger within my passion and dedication to my work. Out of that level of clarity and authenticity comes focus and direction, magic and manifestation, peace and enjoyment; all within the comfort of knowing that my dreams have a treasure map to follow straight to all my highest wishes, goals and financial targets.

With Alexis at my side, I am more comfortable than ever - knowing I’ve got someone on my team who will guide me through the woods where sometimes unexpected challenges arise and also surprising joys and ownership experiences. Because of Alexis, my business is taking entirely new shape and my vision is more clear than ever. I’m less overwhelmed by the details and minutia that goes into growing into a full-fledged practice. I have only started my journey of expansion and growth of my clinic with Alexis and the results are already clear and measurable. Her work is refining the optics of my business both online and in-person. I’m more confident than ever when I talk to people about what I do and that I’m a business owner. I rest easy knowing that I’ve found the best business consultant I could have ever hoped for.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and get out of feeling stuck or unclear about how to move forward, Deer Heart Consulting is the answer you’ve been waiting for. I’m happy to share more with anyone interested about my experience and the amazing leaps and bounds of growth with Alexis and Deer Heart Consulting.

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Pete Gurulé


Thank you, Pete, for your kind words, your never-ending support and friendship, and for having the courage to change things up so you can build the business and life that you envision.

Update: Pete tragically died in Jan 2021

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